Settlement Agreement for Divorce (without children), with the option of a Court Order or DIY

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A settlement agreement enables spouses to leave the marriage and build new lives in a wholesome and fulfilling way. It is less time consuming, much more cost effective and most certainly less painful than a lengthy legal battle.

√ Attorney approved √ Practical points considered

A settlement agreement sets out guiding factors including the type of marriage and details of any antenuptial contract entered into prior to the marriage, and confirm the divorce settlement, including:

  • Maintenance payments to be made to a spouse or for children
  • Guardianship, custody and access to children
  • The division of assets including the home
  • Arrangements regarding medical aid and retirement plans and other relevant matters
  • The agreement can also provide guidelines for other issues that are important to the couple, for example how they will divide or continue to operate a business they are both involved in. It allows the couple to clearly define how they will divide, structure and conduct previously shared aspects of their lives in the future.

You have to ensure, on the date provided by the Court, that you (as Plaintiff and only the Plaintiff) appear in person in Court and that the original marriage certificate is presented to Court. Your legal representative and Advocate will also attend the Court on that day and guide you through the process.


This document was written for by a Senior Attorney (Admitted in the High Court) with more than 15 years’ experience. It complies with current South African law.

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