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Our aim is to make legal services more accessible. Your location, financial circumstances and knowledge of the law shouldn’t be barriers to your being able to enjoy your life and operate your business with a high level of legal protection. Agreements.Org provides legal document templates, with or without a legal review, as well as legal services to individuals and businesses who are looking for an alternative to using a traditional firm of Attorneys.

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Quickly and Cost-effective
Getting legal agreements and contracts drawn up is usually extremely expensive, time-consuming, complicated, and inconvenient. Not with us. With Agreements.Org you can get your legal documents online, make any changes that you want, and have your legal documents ready to use in minutes. One of our experienced Senior Panel Attorneys can also review your legal document at minimal cost.
Services of a Legal Representative
or a Panel attorney. Securing legal services is usually extremely expensive. Not with us. With Agreements.Org you can also choose the services of a legal representative to preside over a disciplinary hearing, conduct a retrenchment process or even to secure the service of a Panel Attorney to make your Divorce Settlement Agreement an Order of the High Court. Our legal documents aim to give you or your company an edge as well as achieving a legal outcome.
Written in Plain Language
Our documents are written in language that everyone is able to understand, unambiguous and easy to use. Wherever possible we avoid complicated cross-referencing, fine-print footnotes, and multiple appendices. Not only does this make your task of editing the document easier, but it also decreases the likelihood of another party breaking or disputing the agreement on the grounds of not having understood the terms.
Buy Documents Once & Reuse
When you buy a document from us, we grant you a licence to use it again. Keep the master copy safe and create new child documents from it whenever you need them. This applies to Attorneys in practice as well as individuals and businesses. Visit our store and browse our collection of legal documents for you to purchase, download immediately and edit according to you or your companies specific needs.

Drawn and Reviewed by an Experienced, Qualified Senior Attorney

Every document is drawn by an experienced, qualified Senior Attorney and reviewed by another – just as in any law practice. We incorporate changes to the law quickly so that our documents are up to date. Our high quality agreements are drafted in South Africa, by South Africans, in terms of South African law.

Legal Practice Experience Added

As much as possible, our legal documents incorporate practical angles that only Attorneys with commercial and litigation experience can include. Our drafting team have many years’ experience both in practice, owning and managing businesses in a wide variety of industries and even lecturing at various higher institutions.

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Document Download and Delivery

Immediately after payment, you can download your document from our website in Word format. Should you buy the document with a legal review, you will receive an email address that you can email the document to for review by one of our experienced Senior Panel Attorneys, once amended.

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Easy to use, even if you have no legal knowledge

Many of our clients are practicing Attorneys, but our documents don’t require you to be one. You don’t have to be concerned about how to add legal wording. We also made it easy for you simply delete what you don’t need without affecting the rest of the document, because we do not cross reference our paragraphs.

Support from our Expert Panel of Attorneys

One of our experienced Senior Panel Attorneys is always on hand to help customise a document for any unusual circumstances, review any document you amended or assist with any questions or queries.

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With Agreements.Org you can get your legal documents online, make any changes that you want, and have your legal documents ready to use in minutes.

Any Questions? Contact us and we will gladly answer.

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