Disciplinary Hearing - Template for Outcome and Sanction

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Attorney approved Practical points considered

If an employee commits misconduct, the employer cannot just dismiss him. The employer needs to first hold a disciplinary hearing/enquiry. The first step in the process is that the employee needs to be informed that he (where the male is used, it also implies female) has to attend a disciplinary enquiry or, in other words, the employee must be given a notice to attend.

The employee must sign receipt of the disciplinary notice. It is advisable that this is done in the presence of a witness who must also sign to confirm that the notice has been handed and explained to the employee.

It is important to understand that the notice to attend a disciplinary enquiry is part of the disciplinary process and if it is not done correctly and not contain the above-mentioned elements, it may result in a possible claim of procedural unfairness.

Example uses of this document:

The disciplinary notice gives the employee notice of the disciplinary hearing to be conducted. All the relevant rights and averment are contained in the template. The template of the disciplinary hearing minute can be used verbatim to follow the procedure correctly, also for the outcome and sanction.

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  • Guilty / Not guilty / Sanctions


This document was written for Agreements.org by a Senior Attorney (Admitted in the High Court) with more than 15 years’ experience. It complies with current South African law.

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